Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bacteris Suicide

Scientist are coming up with a dressing that can trick harmful bacteria into killing themselves. The dressing has tiny capsules in it that look like a perfect infecting zone to the bacteria. When the bacteria attacks it, it releases antibacterial agent, thus killing the bacteria. it was tested on Staphylococcus and a member of the Pseudomonas group, along with a harmless type of e-coli. The harmless E-coli did fine, but the two harmful bacteria basically killed themselves. Even though the test was a success, it's still too early to see it it will make any difference.

I think making bacteria kill itself is a cool idea. It causes so much harm to us, now it's time to retaliate. The problem here though is that they still don't know if this is safe for human contact. This new dressing may just cause as much a problem as the old. Though, considering that the old kind was made with silver, the new might not be as expensive. We won't know until they're ready to try, though.

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