Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Women Risk Snapped Ligaments

The fashion today is crazy. If you watch the new fashion styles like Lady Gaga's shoes the height on those shoes are just amazing. But women today have to worry about no being able to pull off the look but mostly from falling and tearing their ligaments. Women love the look of high heels and what it does for our legs but risking their ankles and the pains.

I would love to pull off the look of the super high heels but i just can't. I like walking like a normal human that walking like a raptor. Trying to wear those shoes is like murder on your feet. I love Lady Gaga but she is crazy for dancing or even just walking is very brave. I would rather just wear the regular high heels than try to kill myself for fashion.


In the study the scientist tested 99 college students to memorize a complex maze on a computer. The researchers then placed the students inside a 3-D version of the maze and asked them to navigate to another spot in the mase. After doing this several times, half of the students took a 90-minute nap while the other half stayed awake and watched videos. When the students were given the test again 5 hours later, the nappers did better than the students who had stayed awake. But the nappers who dreamed about the maze (they described that they were lost in a cave) did better than the nappers who didn't.

WE NEED NAP TIME AGAIN! Nap time would be the perfect time of the day. If we could have a nap in the middle of the day we wouldn't fall asleep in the middle of classes and miss information. I get sleepy around 1 maybe 2 and i would love to have a nap. If I can just have a 5 to 10 minute nap everything would be fine. My mind would be more focused and I could work better. We can always just get our of school at 4.

Northern California ponders how to peddle legal pot

Polls for the region's marijuana economy are not clear, but driving through the towns it's easy to see marijuana's importance to regional economy. Hemp shops are more common here than in cities 10 or 20 times the size. They can be next to restaurants and coffee shops like they are any other business. Recent polls say 56% of Californians favor taxing and regulating the plant but the national approval rate is much lower.

I think that if we legalized marijuana everyone would always be happy. Forever. But really its healthier for the environment because it can be used for paper, clothing, bags, and a lot of other things. The world would be peaceful and it could also be used for working harder. People this pot heads just sit around and do nothing all day but eat and sleep. But some people I know have actually gotten better grades because they work harder. I think that we should just legalize it and not let the tobacco companies alter anything to it.

Birth Control for Men

For years women have been taking birth control and have been asking why men don't have an option. Now in new studies around the world have been trying to find a birth control. The male birth control uses a combination of testosterone and progestin, which turn off signals from the brain to the testes. 3,000 men have been chosen across more than 30 studies on the topic over the last 30 years. Men in China have tested their own form of birth control and about 95% of the men didn't have conception with their partner.

This would be awesome if men had their own birth control because then the woman wouldn't have all the responsibility if something goes wrong with her birth control. Its also and extra form of protection if you don't want children at all. I know when i get older i don't want kids so this for me and my husband would be awesome. This could also prevent high school pregnancies so that they can focus on their studies. I hope they come out with this in the near future.

Chocolate and Depressionhttp

According to a study published this week people who feel depressed eat about 55% more of depressed people eat chocolate than non-depressed people. The more depressed they feel, the more chocolate they tend to eat. In the study the scientist surveyed 900 people about their weekly chocolate consumption and overall diet. They also looked at the moods of the participants by questioning them and looking for depression. People on antidepressants were removed from the study. The depressed people ate 8.4 servings of chocolate per month while the ones who weren't depressed consumed just 5.4 servings each month.

I know when I'm depressed I don't eat chocolate because it gives me headaches. But i find this interesting because my sister does this. When she is upset she will eat some chocolate but she wont feel depressed about it later... but i know for a fact that she does eat it when upset. I also know my mother does this. What if its hereditary.......that would be so cool, not really cause then everyone would be fat. But this is pretty cool. I knew that they had a connection but i have never seen a study on it.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rhino loose in the zoo

Recently a forty one year old rhinoceros escaped from a zoo in Jacksonville Florida. The rhino named Archie weighed over 4,000 pounds. Jail workers worked for five hours to get the giant back in its cage. Archie has actually escaped one other time before which was surprising to workers. A worker says that before they used food to lure him back to his cage but this time it didn’t work. The rhino never left the zoo, but it took over twenty workers to get him back home safely.

I find this hilarious that this same animal has escaped from his cage multiple times. This rhino is absolutely huge so I don’t see how it can be sneaking around it’s cage and being let out. This is kind of dangerous though to have a 4,000 pound animal loose around the zoo with small children around. Thankfully with the help of twenty zoo workers they were able to get the beast back in its cage. This shows how smart animals really are sometimes and that we cant underestimate them. Luckily no one was hurt and the animal is safely back in its cage.

Biggest beaver dam seen from space

A Canadian based researcher believes to have found the worlds largest beaver dam. The dam is located in Northwestern Canada. Researches found the dam by using Google satellite technology. The beaver dam is 2,788 feet tall and is visible by space. Researches found the dam accidentally when they were conducting research on the rate of melting permafrost in the region. Researchers in the area can not believe the size of this dam and say that it stretches for over 8 football fields long.

This is incredible that animals can built a structure so massive as this one. This type of engineering has to be carefully planned in order to ensure a sturdy structure. What is even cooler than the animals making the dam is the technology used to discover it. I find it awesome that we can use satellites in space to discover land features. The weird thing about this is that no one was actually looking for the dam, but somehow stumbled upon it while doing real research. All I have to say is I hope the dam doesn’t break anytime soon or that will be a huge disaster.