Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rhino loose in the zoo

Recently a forty one year old rhinoceros escaped from a zoo in Jacksonville Florida. The rhino named Archie weighed over 4,000 pounds. Jail workers worked for five hours to get the giant back in its cage. Archie has actually escaped one other time before which was surprising to workers. A worker says that before they used food to lure him back to his cage but this time it didn’t work. The rhino never left the zoo, but it took over twenty workers to get him back home safely.

I find this hilarious that this same animal has escaped from his cage multiple times. This rhino is absolutely huge so I don’t see how it can be sneaking around it’s cage and being let out. This is kind of dangerous though to have a 4,000 pound animal loose around the zoo with small children around. Thankfully with the help of twenty zoo workers they were able to get the beast back in its cage. This shows how smart animals really are sometimes and that we cant underestimate them. Luckily no one was hurt and the animal is safely back in its cage.


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