Saturday, May 8, 2010

Booming bittern: UK Minsmere wetlands film exclusive

One of the rarest mating rituals of any British animal has finally been caught on camera.A BBC natural history film crew has captured what experts believe is the first footage of a male bittern "booming" in daylight in the UK. Only 82 male bitterns survive in the country and the birds make their loud "booming" call to attract females. The full story of the "booming" bittern will be broadcast at 1900 BST on The One Show on BBC One on Thursday 6 May. Seeing let alone filming a male bittern booming in daylight is incredibly difficult. "I've been here five and half years and I've not yet been fortunate enough to witness one booming," bittern expert Mr Adam Rowlands told the BBC. And we know its safe to say this is one of the best discoveries BBC has come across.

This is most definitely a rare and very interesting catch by the people at BBC . I mean how rarely do you get to see an animal that is secluded do its mating ritual and catch it on camera. This is as big as catching the sharks ritual on camera. And i guess it is safe to say that this is one of the best discovery's for BBC as well as the world.
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