Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Super-shark nursery discovered


A 10 million year old nursery for the extinct megalodon shark has just been discovered in Panama. It was found by University of Florida researchers who reported their findings in the PLoS ONE journals latest issue. Megalodon, also known as "Big Tooth," is thought to be the world's largest shark. It can grow to around sixty-seven feet in length and looked like a Heftier Great White Shark. “The study provides evidence of megalodon behavior in the fossil record,” said lead author Catalina Pimiento, who just finished her master’s degree in zoology.

Wow! A 10 million year old nursery for the shark. A sixty-seven year old shark is already unbeleivable. It would be very scary to swim in a ocean knowing there was sixty-seven foot long shark in the water and also knowing that its knickname was "big tooth."

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