Monday, May 10, 2010

Neanderthal DNA lives on ... in some of us

The firt sign of the Neanderthal DNA says that they interbred with our own species. But it was only enough to leave a really small mark on the genetic code as humans. Svante Pääbo a geneticist who says "The Neanderthal's arn't completely extinct." Pääbo is the leader for the international team of resourcers that worked for four years to find the genetic code within the Neanderthal's bone. In between one and four percent of the human genome have come from Neanderthal's. DNA from Neanderthal and humans seem to hardly exist. But they also found some huge differences with the bone structure.

I didn't know Neanderthal still existed. I thought they went extinct a long time ago, but apparently not. Although there were many difference their were even similiarities, It was suprising for me.

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