Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Biggest beaver dam seen from space


Satelites spotted the world's biggest beaver dam. The dam is said to be "over eight football fields," ecologist Jean Thei said on Friday. Thei used Google Earth to figure out the size of the dam. It is 2,788-feet long(850-meters). NASA is still trying to figure out the rate of melting in the country's far north. The dam is in northern Alberta's Wood Buffalo National Park. Thei discovered the dam in 2007, but its just now catching the attention of people. Mike Keizer said the dam sits on the corner of the park "the size of Switzerland."

It is incredable how animals built a structure this big. And you can even see it from space?! The dam is bulit about half a mile long, thats crazy if you think about it. It must have taken a lot of beavers and a lot time to build.

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