Monday, May 3, 2010

Many endangered turtles dying on Texas Gulf Coast

More than 30 dead turtles have been found on the Texas gulf coast this month. The high number has puzzled researchers, because most of the turtles are so decomposed that it is hard to tell how they died. The number of dead is double what scientists usually see during the say time frame. What is causing particular concern is that most of the dead turtles are Kemp’s ridleys which are an endangered species. There are usually more turtle deaths this time of year because they are coming on shore to lay eggs. Many of the turtle’s have propeller wounds from boats or have gotten caught in fishing lines. Others where killed by parasites. Researchers are also concerned about the oil spill off the coast of Louisiana and the effects it might have on the endangered turtles. If the oil were move toward Texas many Kemp's ridleys swimming in to nest would be right in its path.

I think that it is awful that all these turtles are being killed or dying. It looks like these turtles are most at risk when they come into the sallow water on their way to the beaches to lay eggs. Perhaps there needs to be more regulations on boating in the shallow water during this time to help keep the turtles safe. It may be an inconvenience but if it would save the endangered turtles it would be worth it. I really hope the oil spill does not cause more issues with the turtles. I am really concerned about the environmental issues the oil spill is going to cause. Even if the turtles are not affected other marine life will be.

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