Monday, May 10, 2010

Nautre Fights Against Oil Spill

The pungent smell of scent of evaporating surface oil, which is then sent into the atmosphere where it gets broken down by sunlight. "Just like Rear Admiral Landry discusses her toolbox, nature has its own toolbox for responding to oil spills, whether it's evaporation or photochemical breakdown or dilution," said Christopher Reddy, who is a marine chemist. The top layer of oil is the most dangerous to wild life experts say. The heavier oil is broken down or dispersed naturally through wind and wave action. First the oil-munching microbes go after simple oil molecules then onto more complex ones. The only downfall is that these microbes can only work where they can breath.

I think that this is good because that oil spill was pretty bad. Oil is really harmful to the environment and can cause more damage then we are doing to the plant. At least nature is helping itself as much as we can help it as well. Soon we should be able to get rid of most of the oil due to all the technology that we have. I feel really bad for all the animals that have to suffer for the oil leak right now. People are going to be really busy trying to clean this up.

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