Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Planet Found; May Be Cosmic Rosetta Stone

Recently a new planet has been discovered by the NASA space engineers. The planet is referred to as a gas giant planet and has a nearly circular orbit around its parent star and is very similar to Jupiter. The planet is also referred to as an exoplanet because it is located outside of our solar system. The new planet is 1,500 light years away from Earth in the constellation Serpens. The new gas giant passes in front of its star every 95 days and can be viewed from Earth during those days. Scientists have an eight hour time window of viewing the planet during it transit for further studies.

This is awesome that we are still exploring our solar system and finding new objects each and everyday. The fact that we are still finding new planets such as this gas giant hundreds of years after the first planet was discovered amazes me. Another cool aspect about this discovery is that the planet is located out of our solar system and is referred to as an exoplanet. With new advancements being made in space exploration every day, it is exciting to see what will come next. In the future we may possibly advance our capabilities of space exploration and find even larger solar systems and explore them as well. We may even have the capabilities to have space tours where regular citizens can fly into space and see the amazing stars and planets.


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