Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Brooke Green berg.

She is seventeen years old and trapped in a one year olds body. Approximately two and a half feet tall. She is very different from all of us, she is not able to walk, or speak. If she was like me our you she would be driving a car right now but see cant function with out a lot of help. Scientist believe that her DNA has suggested her failure to grow possibly could be linked with the genes that proceeds to let her age. "Brooke's condition presents us with a unique opportunity to understand the process of aging," said Richard Walker, a professor at the university of South Florida school of medicine. He is leading the whole research team on this case. She lives with her parents and has three sisters that all help to look after her. Brooke still has her infant teeth which will not allow her to talk.
I feel really bad for this little girl i know she cant talk but i wonder if shes every gets upsets because of who she is. I know its kinda bad to think about that but i was just wondering because i know i would. If i was in her shoes i don't think i would know what to think. But i am very happy that she is alive shes very lucky.

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