Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Killer Whales?


Through the years, scientist have been trying to determine if Killer Whales are really part of the whale family, or should be a different group on there own. Recently they've found through DNA tests that there are atleast four different species of Killer Whales. They've noticed this before with different eating habits and behavior among watching these creatures. There has also been a notice among the whales about different eye patches. When put together, they also don't breed with each other. There is believed to be several more different species, but until then, there is currently four that are out there.

First off, I always figured that Killer Whales were grouped in with Dolphins. Guess I was wrong? Any way, if this is not cool, it's extremely confusing. Good thing I'm not an campanologist. There is one thing that comes to mind with this though. All those accidents in Sea World. If it was a different Orca, would there had been no deaths? I have to wonder if there is a huge difference in temperaments. Could things be more safe?

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