Monday, May 10, 2010

A precious turtle.

Gulf port, Mississippi
Approximately 35 endangered sea turtle have been spotted on the gulf coast died. Wild life officials are not curtain yet what has been killing them. In the examination there has been no sign of oil. Many investigation are being helled with fisher men trying to catch a maximum of fish at one time and the turtles getting stuck in the net. Releasing them very roughly and harshly."Shrimpers are required t install grid-like devices in their nets that are designed to allow turtles to escape. Shrimpers that are caught without the turtle excluder device may be fined thousands of dollars and have their catch sized by federal regulators.

I don't know if this situation u care about but i do! I absolutely love turtles and i get so upset when i here that the endangered one are being killed by supposedly shrimpers. They are stupid and uncaring of these marvelous creatures that are being killed because you want shrimp to sell. The oil spills supposedly have no effect on the deaths so you better be careful. I think you should realize what something as small as a net can do to a wonderful thing like a sea turtle.

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