Tuesday, May 11, 2010

14-Century Aqueduct in Jerusalem

On Tuesday archeologist discovered an aqueduct that supplied water to Jerusalem for over 600 years. The aqueduct was used by Ottoman rulers. The aqueduct was discovered during the construction of the new water line. A team found two of nine arched section of the bridge that was about nine feet. The bridge was built because of the growing population which cause the outgrowth of springs. The archeologist knew the arches were there but this is the first glimpse they had of it.

The new aqueducts are really cool because it could help us better understand our past. It could also help us know more things when the biblical times were going on. The aqueducts could show how our ancestors used technology during the time. Doing this could could have scientist show the advancement of our kind over the years. The history could help teach us about how construction went.


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