Monday, May 10, 2010

The Largest Bulge in the Solar System

Artemis Corona has multiplied 5 times in size practically overnight. Artemis is the biggest mountain in the universe, it is the size of Alaska. Scientists suggest that this is due to swelling in Venus. They also suspect that there is lava brewing inside of this large dome. They believe this to be true because on Earth, when something swells, it usually has lava beneath of it, causing a rapid increase in the movement of the crust. Although they are not sure why it is moving so quickly. Nothing on Earth has moved this quickly when it comes to volcanoes or mountains.

I cannot fathom something growing to the size of Alaska overnight. I feel something must be about to go very wrong here. Possibly an explosion? If it were to be bad enough, I'm sure it would have an effect on Earth, as well as the other planets. Could it set off a chain reaction of some sort? Or is Atremis Corona exploding out of the question? Hopefully it won't grow anymore, or at an alarming rate.

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