Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Heavy Rains in Kentucky and Tennessee

In the past few weeks, Kentucky and Tennessee have been drowned in rain. All of the rain was caused by a high pressure system and humid air from the Gulf of Mexico. In some areas of the region they received nearly 19 inches of rain. The rain has caused intense flooding in Nashville Tennessee. This system of rain has more than doubled the highest average rainfall recorded in the area. Along with flooding, the immense amount of rain has caused mudslides and dangerous driving conditions.

I can not imagine seeing 19 inches of rain fall in North Carolina. The amount of flooding and destruction that would be associated with this would be ridiculous. Along with this flooding there are the possibilities of mudslides and car accidents which can lead to deaths. I really don’t like when it rains for days at a time, but it is beneficial for the surrounding environment sometimes when we are in a drought. This much rainfall is completely unexpected, and the conditions had to be just right to receive such high totals for the area. Hopefully the flood waters will lower soon and everyone can get on with their lives.


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