Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sloths' bizarre 'toilet habit' recorded in Amazon, Peru

In the near past Two-toed sloths have been recorded descending from the trees to feed out of a human toilets. This extraordinary behaviour that has been recorded on 25 different occasions has stumped scientists that study them. These sloths either crawl into the toilet to feed or scoop out the waste within. This to make this habit more bizarre than it seems the sloths are plant eaters and its not in their nature to feed off other animals fecal matter.Researchers speculate the sloths must derive some nutritional benefit from their bizarre feeding habit, though it is unclear exactly what that might be.The behaviour was recorded over a number of years by biologists working at the Estacion Biologica Quebrada Blanco field research site located in the Amazon rain forest in northeastern Peru. this unusual habit came from the new world monkeys or so scientists think. and if theirs one think to say this is a truly weird habit for a truly weird animal.

Ok i for one am really sickened at the completely nasty habits that this unusual animal is doing. It also makes it more unusual that this animal is a plant eater and is eating and non the less playing with human waste. this is truly sick and nasty in the bad way. But i guess thats just an unusual habit from an unusual animal.

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