Friday, April 30, 2010

Water Found On Asteriod

For the first time in history water has been found on an asteroid. There have been two teams studying this asteroid which are known as 24 Themis. They say that there seems to be frost mixed with carbon-bearing metal. Humberto Campins has stated,"We report the first detection of water ice and of organic molecules on an asteroid, and they are both on the same asteroid. The water was found when the teams were studying asteroids in Hawaii to watch how sunlight reflected off the asteroid at different wavelengths. Due to this discovery scientist are proposing that the water we drink came to Earth from impacting space rocks.

To me this seems like a really good discovery. It could help us better understand how the world was made and how the water got here. It could also help us figure out if there is places out in the universe that we could live on as well. The asteroids could have also brought life with them. The only way to find out is to study. This is a great discovery.

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