Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Northern California ponders how to peddle legal pot

Polls for the region's marijuana economy are not clear, but driving through the towns it's easy to see marijuana's importance to regional economy. Hemp shops are more common here than in cities 10 or 20 times the size. They can be next to restaurants and coffee shops like they are any other business. Recent polls say 56% of Californians favor taxing and regulating the plant but the national approval rate is much lower.

I think that if we legalized marijuana everyone would always be happy. Forever. But really its healthier for the environment because it can be used for paper, clothing, bags, and a lot of other things. The world would be peaceful and it could also be used for working harder. People this pot heads just sit around and do nothing all day but eat and sleep. But some people I know have actually gotten better grades because they work harder. I think that we should just legalize it and not let the tobacco companies alter anything to it.

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