Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oil spill: US communities watch, uncertainly

Along the southern shore of Dauphin Island, troops from the Alabama National Guard splash in the warm shallows of the Gulf of Mexico. But this is no holiday trip. In fatigues and boots, they use large metal stakes to secure wire mesh boxes to the wet sand. Each box is lined with a tough green fabric. Looking back down the beach, it almost looked like angular tropical vegetation hugging the shore as far as the eye could see. In fact the boxes stretched for two miles. It has taken troops three days to place them, and one soldier said they had seven more miles to go. In the heat and humidity, it looked like very hard work.The troops were laying coastal defences. Once in place, the boxes will be filled with sand. A chemical that causes oil to solidify and makes it possible to scoop out will then be laid on top. These devices are used to take the oil out of the water and to hopefully help to make the ocean a better place and not any worse than it already is.
I believe what the government is doing and how they are going about doing it is truly a wonderful achievement/ way to go about it. In the recent future i believe that the oil spill will be not 100% but as close as possible to being back to normal and who knows maybe after they are finished the water may be better than it was and is.
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