Monday, May 10, 2010

Once again...

Shell Beach, LA
The effects from the gulf of Mexico's rupturing underwater well. As you all know there have been many tragedies occurring on and around the LA beaches. Such as hurricanes, erosion has weakened them. "40% of the nations coastal wetlands are clumped along the southern wetlands of Louisiana, directly in the path of the oil. Roughly 3.5 million gallons have escaped in the three weeks since an oil rig explosion, and some bearing down on the marshes as workers rush to lay protective boom. Removing oil from wetlands is a huge challenge. Bulldozers can't simply scrape away contaminated soil,as they do on beaches. Cutting and removing oil-soaked vegetation could further weaken the fragile vegetation that holds the marshes together. Absorbent materials and detergents have limited effectiveness. Said grave." Grave is a coastal protection worker. These were what some of the workers were talking about, and were trying to figure what to do.

Like what i said oil is spreading like crazy. From the previous one i just talked about this is just one effect that could happen. Already it has spread to this region, if the first one had never occurred there wouldn't be any problem here and men like Grave are doing the best of there ability to try and stop this from getting any worse. Some of these chemicals in the water could kill someone who would go swimming and not no there was a problem and inhale it and could possibly die. You never know. But i am very grateful that we know there was a spill.

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