Monday, May 10, 2010

The Gulf of mexicos major oil spill.

There was a previous oil spill that occured. Scientist and many people were noticeing that the oil and other hazerdous chemials where spreading very rapidly. So a team of crew members sent out a remote-controlled submarine to try and thin the oil, " which it was rushing up from the seabed at a pace of about 210,000 gallons per day." There have been test done on determineing all the impact on the enviroment in which its happening in this case its the gulf of mexico. When they sent out the remote-controlled submarine they releasedd a chemical to try and thin the previous one out. But instead the oil leak on monaday , was expected to be BP. Amroxminatly for weeks and more days to come the BP will be gusher and keep erupting into the gulf of mexico. The EPA do not no why this is happen. Some enginneers are planning to send a huge containment box down to try and eliment most of the infected water. Many have believed that approminatly 4 millions gallons of chemicals have been leaking since april 20th.

In my oppion they need to figure out a solution very quickly, this is harming many liveing things. Fish, animals, humans, and even our enviroment. Oil spills can be a serious matter exspeccially in this case when it continues to spread and they cant find a way to stop it. I wouldnt send out another monitered submarine which is going to release chemicals until it has been therally tested on infected water. Just imagine if another chemical was leaked and made the situation 10 times worse. Yeah not good. but seriously i think a solution needs to be found and fast!! Im pretty sure the BP was the thing that spreaded more chemicals in the water.

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