Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Telescope Discovers Surprising Hole in Space

A huge hole has recently been discovered in space. The discovery was made by using a high powered telescope. The surprising aspect of this find was that no one thought to find a hole this large in this part of space it was found in. Researches believed that the area it was found in was covered in dense gases and clouds. The hole was discovered during the night on May 10th. Scientists believe that the hole was caused by streams of gases puncturing the wall of clouds and gases in space. Another factor researches believe could be the radiation from older stars in the area.

This is crazy in my opinion. Who knew that there could be a hole in space? I am amazed at the technology that has been used to find new discoveries like this and the amount of research that goes into these discoveries. The only question I have is what can these holes mean for space? Can they some how form a black hole and suck stars and planets into them? And what exactly could be on the other side of these “holes”? There’s no way of really knowing now, but hopefully in the future we can figure these questions out.


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