Monday, May 10, 2010

Ozone Hole Shrinking?
The hole in the Ozone as we know it, might be shrinking. The hole was discovered around 25 years ago. Scientists first discovered this gaping hole over Antarctica during the cold, and dark winter. The hole was "made" by chlorofluorocarbons (CFC'S), they act like a magnet, stealing the Ozone's single oxygen cells. In order to protect us we need those single oxygen cells bonding with other cells thus forming that barrier that keeps us safer from cancers, and cataracts. Even the aquatic life is in danger from the sun, they can suffer reproduction issues.

If the hole in the Ozone is shrinking, shouldn't it fix Global Warming? Maybe not all at once, but surely one would have thought that it would have. Surprisingly scientist think it might make matters worse, they article doesn't explain how, but they simply say it will get worse. That thought it slightly uncomforting, I thought "Global Warming" was already worse. I feel terrible, because I knew the Ozone hole had an impact on the wildlife, but I didn't know it could be as serious as messing with their reproductive system. I think that this article did a good job conveying the process of how the Ozone hole was started.

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