Monday, May 10, 2010

4,000-pound rhinoceros escapes cage at zoo

A 41-year old rhinocerous "Archie" escaped from a zoo in Jacksonville, Florida. The workers and employees of the zoo spent nearly 5 hours trying to lure a 4,000 pound rhinocerous back in its cage. He also escaped before a couple years ago. The last time it escaped they lured it into its cage with food. Craig Miller, the watcher of the mammals said,"the food didn't work this time." It took about 20 zoo workers to bring him back to his cage, although the rhinocerous never left the zoo.

That must be one smart rhino if it escaped more than ounce. I would've given up after 5 hours of trying to get a 4,000 pound monster back in its cage! What the heck i would've ran. It couldn't have been easy to lure it back in the cage. One more thing how do you not notice a rhinocerous escaping its cage?

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