Monday, May 10, 2010

Heavy Rains in Kentucky and Tennessee

Within the past two weeks, Kentucky and Tennessee haven't had much sunshine, only rain. This was caused by a high pressure system fed by humid air from the Gulf of Mexico. In some places they were have said to receive between 10 and 19 inches of rain. At the National Weather Service (NWS) in Nashville, TN, there was an astonishing 7.21 inches of rain. Although that is just what the gauges say, the satellites say that shouldn't have been quite as much rain. Meteorologists were not expecting this much rain and for it to last for so long.

I personally can't stand rain most of the time, but sometimes it's needed. I don't think 19 inches was needed though, let's just say they are defiantly not in a drought situation. Flooding must be terrible for those families who were hit the hardest. I know it would be difficult to undergo that, and have major flooding in your neighborhood and city. I bet this is wreaking havoc on their plants and animals, and not being able to get outside and tend to them doesn't help at all. I hope they don't experience a dry spell as well as this.

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