Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cussing makes you feel better!_makes_you_feel_better

A new study actually shows that swearing can help alleviate pain. And not only can it do that but in some cases can actually reduce the amount of pain that is felt. In an experiment conducted by psychologist Richard Stephens and his colleagues at Keele University in England yielded surprising results. It showed that undergraduate students who sweared could keep there arms immersed in buckets of ice water longer than those who didn't. Female swearers who participated in the study actually reported a lesser amount of pain felt. However according to Stephens "Many more studies of different kinds of pain and different measures of effects are needed before researchers fully understand the impact of swear words."

Well this is interesting! But actually not entirely surprising. I have noticed this type of effect many times throughout my life and have wondered if it was just my imagination or not. Though I highly doubt parents around the world will accept this study as a valid excuse for their children's dirty mouths. I think we can expect plenty of mouths being washed out with soap far into the near future. I am curious to see what other types of effects cussing can have on the body. Who knows we may have only scratched the surface.

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