Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How bad can the spill get?

The Gulf of Mexico oil spill is getting progressively more serious, with the amount of leaked oil growing by 5,000 barrels (200,000 gallons) or more every day. In the three weeks since the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded, about 100,000 barrels have been spilled. Tar balls and oiled-up birds are already washing up on the Louisiana shore. How much worse could it get? A lot worse, according to projections from BP, the oil company responsible for cleaning up the spill. That's why engineers are being careful about what they do to stop the leak.

I think it's ridiculous that they let the spill happen in the first place. It's crazy how it takes us so long to drill and maintain the oil, yet it only takes a short time for it to leak and spread. The techniques they're using to stop the leak could cause it to be worse and take even longer to stop the oil. The oil is harming the ecosystem of the ocean and birds are even washing up on shores. If we don't stop this leak it could cause a huge loss in many habitats.


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