Monday, May 10, 2010

k-9 dogs or police dogs

they are trained to help the police officer find stuff that is illegal. They are used high school to see if the kids are doing drugs or drinking. k-9 is a homophone for the word "cinine" which means dogs or dog like animals. k-9 dogs can really hurt someone or get them in a lot of trouble. They can smell very well for anything. These dogs can relly sniff out anything that it wants to or smells. This is what they are trained to do so that they can help the cops.

I think that it is cool how you can train dogs to do that kind of stuff. The dogs though are doing the job for the cop. The dogs are just going to get the people in trouble. They use them in high schools so that the students cant bring drugs and alchol to school. I think it is a good idea because kids our age shouldn't be doing drugs. On top of that the dogs are so cute.

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