Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Seminole, Oklahoma
On Monday evening there was a total of 19 tornado's that came from central Kansas up to Oklahoma. "Days before deadly tornadoes raked the plains, forecaster's warned people that big storms were on the way and that it would be large and powerful." Flipping cars, leveling houses, dropping large chucks of hail about the size of a softballs, five people were killed and many others were seriously injured!! On Tuesday everything was settling down and people started to pick through there furniture and find things that they needed and was still usable. There were also another prediction that there was possible gonna be another hit later Tuesday night.

This is a huge and very hard hit this city is about to go through. Trying to build back up there city there society. Trying not to go in dept. Hopeing and praying that people will stay and help and not move away from the problems there home is facing. To be honest i don't think any one every wants to experience a tornado, Hurricane, or even an earthquake. They are very dangerous and i never want to experience one.

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