Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Supersonic Jet


A Navy jet known as the Green Hornet is a n "eco friendly" Jet that has plans to break the speed of sound. Fifty percent of it's tank is filled with an oil that comes from the crushed seeds of the Camelina sativa plant. It's meant to show the efforts put into using renewable energy. In the future they plan to use more nuclear and electrical power, but for now they are fine with petroleum based fuel. Though this fuel is hard to obtain, what with crop calendars and what not, scientists did their best to find a more sturdy plant. Camelina sativa should stand up to the cold, and need little fertilizer.

Pretty sweet eh? I love that we're actually doing something for the problem with fuel instead of just talking about it. We put all this money into the research of this problem, and now something is happening. I hope the Green Hornet flys for a long time. Proving that the research put into it was worth it. It would be disappointing if it wasn't.

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