Saturday, April 10, 2010

ABE, Pioneering Robotic Undersea Explorer, Is Dead At 16

ABE was a robot that was a new and successful way for scientists to explore the deep ocean floor. The name of this invention is the “ABE” which is similar to a remote control submarine. This vehicle was around for sixteen years and has helped many scientists learn more about the depths of the ocean. It is believed that the vehicle was destroyed most likely due to the water pressure at the depth it was at in the ocean. ABE is survived by newer vehicles that have newer advances giving them better speed, range, and sensing capabilities. Without the inventing of this vehicle scientists would not know near as much information about the sea surface. It costs over 1.1 million dollars to invent in the 1990s.

This machine interests me greatly because I love underwater vehicles. I think it is fascinating that this vehicle was able to explore the depths of the ocean on its own for so many voyages. It also amazes me how much knowledge scientists were able to gather with this single invention. Without this vehicle and now others like it we would not know near as much as we do today. How incredible is it that we have invented vehicles that can explore the ocean and space without anyone inside?

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