Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lung Function Still Impaired by Dust From World Trade Center

Have you ever been involved in an incident where you breathed in large amounts of dust for a long period of time? That is what the employees of emergency services in New York City did during the 9/11 attacks. Studies have shown an increase in lung diseases or a decrease in lung functionality. Scientists did research on firemen and emergency services workers and discovered that those workers that arrived to the scene first are experiencing more issues. This means that nine years later the effects from the dust mixed with smoke, cement and glass fibers are causing people to still have lung dysfunctions.

To me this is a very interesting, surprising, and well written article. This article should affect everyone who reads it because it is a very emotional issue. I say this because knowing that this event is still affecting people in New York not only mentally but physically as well is very sad. I was not even there and just reading this article makes me wonder about the tragedy that innocent people witnessed that day. I hope to find more about this topic and learn more about the 9/11 terrorists attack affects.

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