Monday, April 26, 2010

New Killer Whale Species Proposed

Scientists think that more than one species of killer whale have existed for some time. They believe this because of differences in behavior and physical variations of the whales. They believe that each species, at least four, each have their own prey, live in there on kinds of groups and even communicate in distinct ways. This is all according to new genetic research. In the North Pacific alone, there are three types of killer whales the resident orcas that eat fish and squid, the transient orcas that eat seals and dolphins, and the offshore orcas that eat schooling fish and sharks. Scientist say that knowing how many species of killer whales there are can be used to determine their role in the oceans and will help with conservation of them. If you look at Killer Whales as a global species, their numbers are strong, but if you looking at them as many species they could be endangered.

I think that scientists classifying different killer whale species will be a good thing for the whales and the ocean. I think that dividing up the killer whale population will allow scientist to concentrate on the problems that the whales face more easily because they will be able to pin point where the problems occur. It will also help governments provide better protection to the whales with more specific laws. Killer whales are one of the top predators found in the ocean and play a large roll in keeping the ocean’s ecosystem in balance. Anything that helps keep the killer whale population and the oceans health is a good thing.

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