Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hawaiian Caterpillars Are First Known Amphibious Insects

Is this a land insect or water insect, actually it is both! This insect is commonly known as a “caterpillar”, and there are 400 different species in the world. These caterpillars though are only found in Hawaii and even though they can survive in water or on land they spend most of their lives as moths flying around. These caterpillars don’t have gills they breathe in oxygen that running water sets off. To survive in the water the caterpillars need fast-flowing waters. These caterpillars typically eat snails and wood just like termites.

I find the fact that some caterpillars can live on both land and underwater very interesting. I say this because I wish I could do both of those things for however long I wanted to. It would be fascinating if scientists could figure out how to help other species of insects and animals survive on land and in the water. I would love to be able to assist one of these scientists in Hawaii so that I could learn more about their research and also see what other differences in species exist in other parts of the country. I may just have to experiment with some caterpillars here this summer.

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