Saturday, April 10, 2010

Homework Makes The Grade

Scientists say that copying homework can be one of the major reasons a student will fail a class or not understand a certain subject. They conducted a study at MIT on students to see how many copy homework utilizing their online homework system. They found out that 10 percent of students copied more than half of their homework and 40 percent copied from 10 to 50 percent of the time. The other 50 percent only copied about 10 percent of the time. They also concluded that the students who copied the most homework were more likely to have grades that were a lot lower than the students who did their own work and in many cases they were more likely to fail the class. They also found that male students copied homework more frequently and that many of these students end up as business majors.

I feel that this study was very accurate because I believe a lot of students do cheat or copy homework. I feel that copying is wrong and teachers should examine their students work more carefully at an earlier age so that it may make students think twice. If teachers would do this I believe that students would get better grades and would help America’s future. I have only once cheated or copied on an assignment and sure enough, I got caught and was glad I did. I will never copy again and try to encourage my friends not to copy other peoples work. We all need to spread the word!

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