Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dear readers,
Im glad to be reporting back to you again from Canada and though im starting to become a little home sick im still having loads of fun out here. So anyway, i wanted to talk about something that hit me last sunday while i was attempting to go to church. I noticed that religion back at home is not as big in my religious believes as they are in others. So i decided to base my blog on Religion in Canada . To be brief im only going to hit the highlights of all the main religions in the whole country. To begin with religions in canada consist of : Roman Catholic 42.6%, Protestant 23.3% (including United Church 9.5%, Anglican 6.8%, Baptist 2.4%, Lutheran 2%), other Christian 4.4%, Muslim 1.9%, other and unspecified 11.8%, none 16% (2001 census). But due to the vast Majority of religions im only goin to talk about Roman catholic & baptist churchs. To start Roman catholic church's are the most commonly found church is all of the country. R.C. is considered part of christianity they believe in confession and that the priest is the only way to talk to god and that you could not have a personal relationship with god. and that is basically what i have on that. Baptists are also considered part of Christianity, but are way different from catholics. Baptists believe that in order to get to heaven you must have a personal relasionship as well as they believe that you must be saved and baptized. THat is basically all have for now. Until next time: Dylan Wood

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